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Barbara Marx Hubbard, visionary teacher, speaker and writer touts both personal growth and global change as vital to our existence.

This is what I believe in. The more learning and growth we experience internally (and work towards), the more we are able to give to our external world.

At Profound Growth I partner with clients who are on the journey of personal and professional leadership.

Are YOU an INNOVATIVE LEADER AND CHANGE AGENT and have a desire for a meaningful and impactful life as a:

  • img_1827A CEO, supervisor, project leader, team leader, manager
  • In a corporate or nonprofit setting
  • A business owner or entrepreneur with a team

And are you bumping up against these challenges:

  • You dread going to work and facing another day of fighting negativity and status quo.
  • You’re frustrated that you’ve tried everything but nothing is working.
  • You’re second-guessing yourself because all of your creative ideas get shut down. (You’re afraid you’re not as confident and creative as you think you are.)
  • You’re feeling alone, exhausted and discouraged.
  • You’re paralyzed: should you stay or should you go?

I get it. I was there myself many years ago and now I know how to get unstuck. I can help you get beyond this so that you can actually have the influence you desire, and move your team and company forward. You will get more than just a coach, you will get:

  • Personal coaching and scientifically proven tools and processes for greater effectiveness that you can use again and again
  • A deeper understanding,( “The User’s Manual” ) to the human brain that will help demystify the action and motivations of others (and yourself)
  • Time to honor yourself so you can leap into change with confidence and strength

Let’s begin the journey together.

Get to know me and my work personally during our monthly “Mastery Mondays”- check it out here:

And Sign up for a complimentary leadership breakthrough session and discover how we can best support you.


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